About Us

Family Owned and Customer Oriented Since 1966

Prior to founding The Backpackers Shop, Reece Fabbro Sr. was fed up with the long hours required of his car salesman job. He’d rarely see his family during the week after leaving early for work and returning home late at night exhausted. As a family man with a passion for the outdoors, he felt like it was time for a new beginning. It was then that he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of running a family business.

When the Backpackers Shop opened its doors in 1966, it was a simple endeavor. Reece Sr. sold and rented canoes in front of his own home in Sheffield Village, Ohio. Business was conducted in the basement and his wife, Marcy was usually cooking dinner for the employees. It was true mom and pop. By the late 60’s, early 70’s, Reece Sr. began selling backpacking and camping equipment. As more success came, so did new products and building expansions. What started off in the basement would eventually expand into an 18,000 square foot emporium of outdoor equipment. All this from Reece Sr. making his dream a reality.

For 50 years The Backpackers Shop has served the needs of those passionate about the great outdoors. Over the decades, we have evolved into a legendary destination for expert service and top quality outdoor gear and apparel. Still in our greatly expanded original location, 2nd and 3rd generation owners, our shop has the history, expertise and selection that few outdoor shops offer today. Reece Sr. passed away in 2012, but his legacy lives on through his son Reece Jr. and his grandson, Tom who now run the business.

Whether you seek the solitude of backpacking, the art of fly fishing, the sport of rock climbing, the thrill of mountaineering, or the excitement of canoeing and kayaking, The Backpackers Shop is well equipped to guide you in selecting the right equipment for your adventure. Our personalized service and knowledge are well respected both in the outdoor industry and amongst our loyal following of long time customers. Don’t hesitate to call for advice, where you will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to share their experience and assist you in equipment selection. You will find only the best in equipment, supplies and accessories from the outdoor industry’s top names.

For those traveling through the Cleveland, Ohio area, our destination is conveniently located just one and one half miles off of Exit 151 on Interstate 90; approximately 20 minutes west of Cleveland. If you plan to be in the area, be sure to stop for a visit!