Days 22-24: Erwin, TN through Roan Mountain

Posted in Josh's Journey
by The Backpackers Shop on April 09, 2016

Josh put together a super cut of all the highlights from days 22-24, which saw he and Scuba travel from Erwin, Tennessee, through Roan Mountain, North Carolina.

It was an intense three days. Temperatures fluctuated from mild to freezing. Days 23 and 24 were exceptionally cold and windy. If it wasn't for the beautiful views they were treated to, the brutal temperatures would have really put a damper on their spirits. It was a rough night to say the least.

On Day 24, they experienced even stronger winds, up to 60-70 mph, with temperatures in the 30s. Happier highlights included beautiful mountains and some pretty falls. By the time they reached a hostel that night, they were grateful for the the warmth and the shelter. According to Josh, it was one of the rougher stretches of the trip so far.

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