Days 17&18: Zero days in Asheville, NC, and Questions Answered

Posted in Josh's Journey
by The Backpackers Shop on April 01, 2016

After the exhausting trek through North Carolina that saw Josh and Scuba hiking over 50 miles in two days, they take a much needed break in a comfy house (hosted by some trail angels) in Ashville and answer some questions submitted by Facebook followers. Below is a list of the questions, in order, that Josh and Scuba answer:

1. Goofiest trail name story? 2. Is there anything different you would have done to prepare, knowing what you know now? 3. What has been your favorite piece of gear? 4. What has been the most difficult part of the trail for you? 5. How are your feet and body feeling? 6. How do you rest during the day?

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